Home Care for Elderly – Helping Your Parents Have Their Cake and Eat It Too

When a loved one, a mother, a father a grandparent, at some point, begins to lose their battle against aging and begins to find the completing of everyday tasks somewhat difficult when left by themselves, one of the first things they end up feeling is fear at being forced to leave their homes and being sent to a home for the elderly of some kind. Is that really necessary? As it turns out, a home health aide can often be a far better choice. Care for elderly parents isn’t just about getting them out of our hair; it’s about keeping them happy and feeling loved. Keeping that in mind, hiring personal care attendants or home health aides to come offer live-in assistance can often be a great way to help a loved one have their cake and eat it too.

There are three kinds of professionals who provide home care for elderly people – there are your home health aides, your personal care assistants and certified nursing assistants. Certified nursing assistants, of course, have some medical training. They have a license and they need to pass an exam to get it. They aren’t nurses though; the only work under them. The best they can do is to provide an elderly person with assistance with everyday activities and they can help them take care of painful health problems. Home health aides help with daily activities alone; they have no actual medical training. And personal care attendants are actually companions who help … Read the rest