Whats The Best Golf Ball For Seniors?

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Golf is not just for young players anymore. As we age, many of us still want to enjoy a round of golf but often have difficulty performing as well as they did in our youth. Of course, we have more time and can choose to play when the course is quieter or when the weather is better, so there are some advantages to playing as a senior! Also, there are some great products that can help us seniors get back on the course with ease and confidence! 

One of the biggest problems seniors face is loss of balance. Slipping or falling while swinging the club is a common occurrence and can be extremely dangerous, especially when playing on an uneven terrain. Elderly golfers are at greater risk for serious injury because they usually have weaker bones and loose ligaments.

Many seniors also report that lower back pain is a severe deterrent to playing. It’s important not to overswing or to try and hit the ball too hard as this can lead to instability , exacerbate lower back pain and cause a lot of other discomforts and injuries. Luckily, there are a range of golf balls specially designed for seniors which aim to alleviate some of these issues by encouraging us to swing slower, play straighter and, generally enjoy the game we love.

Lets take a look at some of the basic requirements for a good golf ball for senior players.

Golf balls for seniors are softer and have less bounce, which makes them easier to hit

The softer balls are easier on aging hands and more forgiving than regular golf balls. Be cautious because some of the softest can travel far when hit with power, even clearing a water hazard! Softness does affect distance though, so if you get one that hits too softly then add some lubricant to it. This will enhance the ball’s distance.

Senior golfers typically need a ball that is slower with more control 

This means they they can place the shot where it needs to go. The best balls for seniors are ones with less spin and more control, such as the “Surge” ball or a Nike Cut Golf Ball. Both of these golf balls have a softer feel that slows down power shots. 

A senior golfer should consider the size of their hands when choosing a golf ball

Believe it or not but the size of your hands can directly relate to the preferred golf ball you should play with.The size of your hand is normally proportional to the length of your fingers, so if you have long fingers then a larger ball will help you grip it easier and control it more accurately. Some people prefer smaller balls because they are better for short game shots like putting and chipping.

The best way to control your golf ball in the rough is by selecting a ball with a softer cover

golf ball on lip of cup. Golf ball on green grass in golf course
the best golf ball for seniors..

Look for balls that have covers that are made of a material called Surlyn which are easy on the hands when hitting from the rough or trees. A Golf ball with a Surlyn cover will still get you a great distance but won’t hurt your hands when hitting in the rough. 

Choosing a senior golf ball will help make your game better!

The golf ball is often considered the most important part of a game. It’s also one of the least talked about and understood pieces on the course. There are an overwhelming number of different types that can be confusing for even experienced players, but we have made it easy to narrow down your search with this blog post!

We hope you found some useful information in our article and if not- don’t worry, there’s more where that came from! Check out oour picks below to find out what type may be best suited for you or make sure to stop by Amazon to pick up the best deals on gold balls for seniors!

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