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Chances are, you might have suffered from a Callus at some point, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. But, if this is the first time you have encountered the term then the good news is that it is not a harmful or dangerous condition.

What Is A Callus?

A Callus is  just tough skin that normally appears on hands or feet, generally around the heel, because of the pressure and friction created by walking. Its perfectly harmless but can look unsightly and many people feel self conscious of it , particularly when on holiday or when they have to wear sandals or flip flops etc. It’s hard to remove at home because they are often dry and flaky, so you need the best callus removers out there to get them off with ease!

Callus can be tricky to get rid of though and, as you might expect there are many gels, liquids, creams and devices that claim to make the process clean, quick and simple – but do they work?

Well, the simple fact is, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

What Is A Callus Remover and How Does It Work?

A callus remover is a beauty tool that you can use to effectively remove the dead skin cells on your feet. This will not only give you soft, smooth feet, but it also helps prevent and treat future problems like keratosis pilaris or plantar warts. A lot of people don’t even know they have this condition as it isn’t painful or contagious but it can be very embarrassing.

Today we are going to focus on professional electric callus removers. These are much easier to use than manual ones and give better results. We’ve done the research to pick out the best callus removers on the market today and we’ve even provided a handy link to Amazon where you can pick them up for the best possible price.

1. Emjoi Micro-Pedi 3D POWER Callus Remover:

The Emjoi Micro Pedi 3D Power Callus Remover is an electric foot file that buffs away hard, jagged skin on the soles and heels. The ground breaking device with multi-movement technology created to smooth dry, rough, calloused skin on the feet and heels uses patented soft and flexible rollers made with microscopic mineral particles to gently work out tough spots in seconds. Two options offer faster or gentler buffing: Oscillates laterally at 20 times per second allowing larger surface area coverage even under the arch of your foot. It also spins 360 degrees for 30 times a second to tackle any part of the foot.

In our opinion, and for the money, this is the best professional callus remover on the market today. Customers seem to agree and the reviews show that, overwhelmingly, they are happy with the work that it does.

One of the major benefits of this Callus Remover is that the patented Micro-Pedi Refill Rollers are compatible with all of the other Micro-Pedi models so, if you own more than one you can interchange the rollers and keep consumable costs down. Since this Callus remover requires no batteries, you never need to worry about dead batteries or having to change them.

Instead, this is an Electrically-operated Callus remover with an International Travel Power Cord which handles voltages from 100V to 240V so it will work practically anywhere in the world. With the help of micro minerals, this Unique roller pulverizes the dead skin within no time and removes the Foot Callus.

Since it has no metal blades as such, it is much more Safer and also much more effective than many other Foot Callus Removers.

2. Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover:

This Tip2Toe Callus Remover will give the results as any professional remover that you will get in the parlors. The main advantage of this Callus Remover is the variable speed with which it gives smoother skin, effective and effortless. This Callus Remover comes with a total of 22 disks which serves your purpose. Out of those 22 disks, 11 disks are coarse while the other 11 are fine. In addition to these, you will also get replacement disks with the original kit. These disks are very easy to change where you have to just pop into their position. Since Tip2Toe is lightweight and compact, you can carry it to anywhere and can use at any time.

3. The Pritech Electric Feet Callus Remover:

The Pritech Electric Feet Callus Remover is a professional foot care tool to remove the dead skin. It is faster and more efficient than other pedicure tools.

The waterproof design of this electric callus remover allows you to use it in the bathtub or shower, making it easy for you to maintain your feet at home. The battery lasts up to 10 hours after a full charge, so you can finish your whole body without having to stop and recharge.

It can be used on dry or wet feet. The set includes a rechargeable electric foot scrubber, two rollers, one rougher roller and one smoother roller with an ergonomic handle that allows you to control the speed of the device.

The Pritech IPX7 electronic pedicure foot file is made from 100% waterproof materials and features a powerful 2900RPM motor to separate dead skin from your feet easily.

4. Jack and Rose Electric Callus Remover:

This electric foot callus remover is a professional pedicure tool designed to remove dead skin cells from the bottom of your feet. It comes with 3 replaceable heads, one rough head for tough and hard callus, another regular one for ordinary callus, and fine one for daily care.

The 360°rotating grinding head can contour the bottom of your feet closely, which ensures the effective removal of dead skin cells without damaging sensitive areas. It features an easy to use one-key switch with working indicator allows you to choose between high speed and low speed at any time.

With its cordless design the Jack and Rose Electric Foot Callus Remover perfect for most peoples needs and is especially good for tackling tough, hard calluses. The removable and washable grinding head allows you to clean it easily after use and its powerful built-in 1000 mAh lithium battery provides long time working without charging frequently.

What we really like about this model is that it has a built-in vacuum pump so theres no need to worry about falling foot dander as the remover picks up around 90% of it.

5.  Auletin Electric Callus Remover

The Auletin electric callus remover is a professional foot care tool which can effectively remove dead skin, corns and calluses. It uses powerful motor technology to power the heads which rotate through 360 degrees enabling this device to remove the toughest dead skin without causing damage to your feet or causing pain. The built in dead skin remover uses an advanced vacuum suction design that removes up to 95% of the dead skin meaning less mess.

The kit comes with three different grinding heads: rough, medium and fine. The coarse grinding head can be used to remove the stubborn horny dead skin; the medium grinding head can be used to remove the rough dead skin; while the fine grinding head is suitable for daily use.

6. Liberex Electric Callus Remover 

The Liberex Electric Callus Remover is the one of a kind product that will help you get rid of those rough, dry and hard skin on your feet. The roller heads are made from quartz micro mineral crystals designed for long-term use. This electric callus remover is cordless and comes with built-in 1200 mAh lithium large battery capacity for long time working. It’s easy to operate, simply recharge it with the provided USB charging cable for 3 ~ 4 hours to get full charge.

This professional foot callus remover comes with 2 fine roller head and 2 coarse roller heads and is suitable removing needs all kinds of callus. It features a 2 speed mode control which includes a 1700x/min low speed for soft care and 2000x/min high speed for deep clean. All of the 4 roller heads are made of quartz micro mineral crystals and are designed for long-term use.

7. Own Harmony Electric Callus Shaver:

The Own Harmony Electric Callus Shaver is one of the best selling callous removers on the market – even though its a brand we had never heard of! It’s a powerful, high torque motor that gently and effectively buffs away thick and rough skin for effortless fast results. This callous shaver features an ergonomically shaped handle with a no slip grip for easy use, and improved safety lock button to prevent accidental turn on of the unit. The design allows you to safely remove hard or soft calluses from your feet in just minutes.

It features an innovative design that gently and effectively buffs away thick and rough skin, with no need to scrub or file. The shaver also comes with a convenient cleaning brush for quick maintenance of your tool. Plus, you can use it on wet or dry skin, and with IP7 water ingress protection its perfect for using in the shower.

8. ABKO Electric Callus Remover 

This Electric Callus Remover is a new product that has been launched by ABKO. It will help you to remove your thick and dead skin gently from your feet. The spinning roller of this electric callus remover spins at 2,400 RPM, which can exfoliate your calluses and dead skin easily and the powerful motor makes the roller spin faster than many other models that we tested. With an easy-to-grip handle and its unique vertical roller, it provides you with the perfect angle for removing calluses on your feet.

A neat feature is the built in flashlight on the side which provides a better view of the spots to be cleaned. The spinning power of the roller can be adjusted with the power button and you can switch between Level 1 and 2 depending on the thickness of the callus to be removed. It also comes with 2 types of rollers. When fully charged the battery will last for up to 2 hours continuous use.

9. IBN Electronic Foot File

The IBN Electronic Foot File is a powerful foot callus remover with a unique feature. It uses sanding discs rather like you would find on a home improvement machine! But don’t worry because it works really well. It also has a 360 degree rotating head to remove dead skin cells and help cure , cracked or dry feet. The unique designed of IBN Electronic Foot File will help you get rid of the ugly hard skin on your feet and keep them smooth and soft.

This product is designed to be used by a single user, and the sanding disc can remove dead skin on your feet safely and hygienically because it doesn’t require water or replaceable sheets. The 360 degree rotating allows you to easily reach all areas of the feet, including heels, toes, and sides.
The product has a compact design that makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go. You can use it at home or even in hotels when traveling for business trips. We recommend that you don’t use this product on a regular basis however as it can be a bit harsh.

10. SaxVon Electric Foot Callus Machine

The SaxVon Electric Foot Callus Machine is a professional quality foot callus remover that can be used at home. This callus remover will leave your feet feeling smooth and soft. It’s easy to use, and you’ll love the results! The electric foot file uses a spinning head with coarse sanding discs to remove dead skin from your heels, toes, and all other hard-to-reach areas of your feet. The cordless design means you can take it anywhere you go and there’s no need for batteries so you can use it for long periods of time without worrying about the power running out.

Keeping your feet looking great is easier than ever before, thanks to the invention of callus removers.

These affordable tools are perfect for seniors and anyone with sensitive skin that doesn’t want to deal with pain or a trip to the spa!

Callus removers help you keep your hardworking feet in tip-top shape without requiring any effort on your part.

And do you know whats even better?

They work quickly so you can get back to enjoying life again at home as soon as possible!

So, thank you for reading this. we hope you found the reviews useful. Now, if you want to get rid of your unsightly callus once and for all, head over to Amazon and get your hands on a callus remover.

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