Is Cheap Health Care Really Possible?

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Cheap health care is every one’s dream. In addition to this, people also need the assurance that such health care will be quality and effective. Over the years, the government has struggled with the issue on how best to ensure that every citizen has access to affordable health services. The private sector too has had its fair share of contribution to the debate as Louise Minchin from ANA Recruitment – a leading provider of health care staff in Aberdeen, Scotland explains,  with health insurance providers on the forefront selling us cheap packages.
This however raises the question – just what is entailed in cheap health care? According to the government, cheap health services need to be affordable for anyone who is seeking medical check-ups, treatment for an illness, complete pre and ante-natal care, check-ups and immunizations for children, prescription drugs and dental care.
Government sentiments indicate that cheap health care provision would make the country a healthier nation since those who go without health care due to the high costs involved would embrace health services more.  The cheap health care concept is different from the free health care concept. In the latter, cost-sharing between the government and the citizenry is what most people rely on. Usually, government offers health subsidies to different social groups. It can also engage the pharmaceutical companies into providing cheaper drugs or through engagement with health care insurance providers to ensure that every citizen has insurance cover.
So far, the poor, the seniors and the disabled people in the society are well covered by the Medicare and Medicaid government health programs. However, it is quite obvious that other millions of Americans still struggle to afford Medicare because they do not fall in any of the government catered-for categories.  This means that they do not seek medical attention unless it is completely necessary and when they do, it is always a case of too late for cheap or timely intervention.
The provision of health care for everyone is undeniably challenging. As such, the entire health care sector needs policy intervention and streamlining for cheap health care to be attained.  This is no easy thing, as it will take government intervention and coordination and agreement from the private medical providers.
Unfortunately, cheap health care in the country will always face challenges for as long as profit remains a motive in some of the stakeholders in the industry. Such stakeholders will always jeopardize any attempt to get cheaper affordable healthcare for the average American, who cannot afford health insurance premiums or who has to struggle to maintain his or her health insurance cover.

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