Mobile Home Communities: Should You Live in One as a Senior?

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By the time the majority of seniors are ready to retire, many of their acquaintances have either passed away or relocated to be closer to their own family members. Your home may appear to be too large and vacant, and maintaining a garden and keeping up with yard chores may appear to be a daunting task. It’s possible that you have significantly more space than you require for the few instances when guests come to stay with you. Perhaps you would want to examine what senior living in a mobile home community created specifically for seniors age 55 and older might be like. In many cases, these manufactured homes are incredibly affordable, and they might be a fantastic way to stretch your dollar if you’re living on a fixed income.

What Are The Advantages?

This type of community is designed in such a way that seniors can live in comfort and safety while they age in their homes. It is possible that ramps will be installed instead of steps in several of the residences, making living with decreased mobility easier. There is typically off-street parking available, and if you are diligent in your search, you may even be able to locate one that includes a garage or a carport to help keep the elements off of your vehicle. The community may have access to amenities such as a clubhouse where residents can get together for pot-luck socials, a game of bingo, or a quilting bee.

In many senior living communities, you can arrange to have your lawns mowed and trimmed, your weeds picked, your snow shoveled, and other services to help with the safety, upkeep, and aesthetics of your house performed on an as-needed or contracted basis. Being able to delegate these types of responsibilities to someone else can make senior living much more enjoyable and less exhausting. In addition, many manufactured houses have beautiful yards surrounding them, but on a smaller scale, requiring the elderly to worry about considerably less upkeep on their own. Elderly people living in manufactured housing communities are generally allowed to landscape and garden to their hearts’ delight. Other communities may prefer a specific overall appearance for the community and, as a result, may require that certain gardening regulations be observed in order to achieve a coherent appearance throughout the area.

Build a Circle of Friends

A senior who lives in one of these manufactured housing communities is likely to form a number of friendships with their neighbors, many of whom are over the age of 55, just like themselves. This facilitates easy gatherings and casual talks with others who are in similar life situations as you. What a wonderful feeling it would be to have numerous additional seniors and/or senior couples as pals, especially after having lost some of your own due to illness or moving. If the prefabricated home community offers amenities such as a courtyard that can be used as a meeting space, the seniors would be wise to take advantage of them. Consider the following scenario: you’re sitting outside, enjoying the sun on your face, and you’re having a sandwich with one of your newly discovered buddies.


Overall, a manufactured home community for seniors age 55 and up is a pretty good way to enjoy senior living, and because of its easy affordability and built-in social life, it’s a choice you might want to think about.

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