Seniors, Should You Downsize?

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If like most people, you’ve spent much of your life taking care of each other, your family, your job, and most likely, your home, which is now feeling too large for your needs and demanding more effort than you are willing or able to put into it, then maybe you have thought about downsizing and making life simpler.

Perhaps the family is relocating and establishing new roots in their new home.

You may be quitting a job that will provide you with a significant amount of free time to pursue some of the habits or activities that you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

Well, if any of this rings true then maybe it’s time to downsize your home. A master bedroom and a guestroom, a decent-sized living area, and an adequate kitchen are all that you’ll need to get by for the time being.

What to Consider

While planning to sell your home and relocate to smaller quarters that demand less maintenance, there are some considerations to keep in mind when downsizing.

To begin, you will need to select whether you want to live in an apartment building, a condominium or townhouse complex, mobile home or manufactured housing community for seniors, or somewhere in between. Any of these alternatives will provide you with the possibility to live a more ‘condensed’ lifestyle.

So, which one is best suited to your way of life?

You will find that an apartment, condominium, or townhouse will give you the smaller-sized home you are searching for, but there may be some aspects of the property that you want to double-check to ensure it meets your requirements.

For example, is there covered parking, a garage, or something similar?

Is there a parking lot, or do you park on the street instead?

Is there an elevator, or do you have to lug your groceries up several flights of steps to your room?

What kind of entrance does the building have? Is it one that requires a key to get in, or do you enter from the outside?

There may be on-site maintenance personnel who will take care of yard work and snow removal, but is there a space where you might cultivate your gardening hobby?

Is there a patio or other outdoor space accessible for you to use if you don’t have a yard to call your own?

If you choose to live in a mobile home or manufactured housing neighborhood, you will be in a scenario where you will be responsible for the upkeep of a yard as well as the maintenance of your home.

This, on the other hand, may be something you don’t mind doing on a smaller scale, and you may prefer the additional solitude and quiet of a single dwelling home over a more condensed living space where you have neighbors who you can hear through your walls or ceiling.

If you explore your options and look for those qualities that will make Senior living a pleasant experience, you will, without a doubt, have a successful downsizing experience.

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