How To Keep Senior Citizens Safe From Fire

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The number of senior citizens living in their homes is on the rise, but there’s one problem that doesn’t seem to be going away: fires. According to research done by United States News & World Report, over 65-year-olds are twice as likely as any other group–including children and teenagers –to die from fire accidents, three times higher than the national average!

This makes protecting our elderly an even more pressing concern for society at large, because if we don’t take care of them when they’re around, how will tomorrow morning turn out? You need to take some simple steps if you want your home and loved ones safe from fire. The first thing is to follow these three easy guidelines: 

  1. Make sure all smoke alarms are working properly, including the automatic kinds; it’s also best for them to be located close enough so they can detect fires quickly in order to prevent life-threatening delays in alerting others about what’s happening.
  2. When cooking, the elderly should be more mindful of their surroundings. They frequently forget to turn off appliances or remove something from an open flame, like stoves, before leaving home after making dinner plans with family members who live far away, in order to not have any accidents happen during this time period when they are alone! If the staff at senior citizen homes notice smoke coming out of any room near food preparation areas, they should immediately notify the fire department because these types of fires can quickly escalate, causing extensive damage throughout the entire building.
  3. The kitchen is one place in your home that should be safe, but it’s often not. This can lead to major problems with senior safety and even lives if fires go unchecked or aren’t prevented properly by taking some simple steps like checking for burned food on top of the stove before you leave every day-don’t forget about open flames!
  4. To ensure the safety of our senior citizens, we must make sure they are not leaving portable heaters or other electrical devices on when not in use. It is also imperative to unplug them from wall sockets if you see that someone else might take advantage and leave their home without knowing this practice has been done before!

The cause of fires in the home is often unclear, but one major contributing factor has been identified as cigarettes smoldering. This occurs when someone leaves their cigarette unattended and it turns into an ember that can easily ignite other items nearby due to its proximity to flammable materials like curtains or furniture fabrics.

The habit of smoking in bed is something that shouldn’t be continued, even if you are older. It’s important to empty your ashtray and put it away to prevent any embers from igniting bedclothes or furniture.

For better sleep, remember to verify that all your heaters and appliances have been turned off as well! If you have eyeglasses, you should also put on an eyeglass robe next time you go into bed, so there’s no need for emergency procedures when something goes wrong unexpectedly during the cold season or winter months ahead.

There are many ways to ensure your loved ones’ safety in the event of a fire. Installing smoke alarms is one way, as is having an escape plan for them should they need it!

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